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Cheshire Horsebox Hire

Trevelyan only use the best luxury horseboxes. Built and designed specifically with the comfort and safety of horse and rider in mind, we truly believe these vehicles offer you the best method of transporting horses and riders alike.

Trevelyan use boxes which have been developed from years of understanding the requirements of both horses and their owners alike...and let's be honest, they look good too!

The Trevelyan models have been specially chosen for their ease of driving. When pulling away in one of our boxes you won't feel like you're driving a can look forward to an easy and comfortable ride.

The external bodies combine both strength and durability with an aluminium finish, which teamed with top of the range metallic paint completes the overall stylish look.

We never brand the Trevelyan horseboxes. This means that what you see is what you get... the style, the comfort, the prestige...without a huge hire company logo on the side screaming "not mine"!

Trevelyan have done the research into the best ways to limit the stress your horse will be under when travelling. Why not read our tips on travelling your horse safely.

Drainage in the horse area comes as standard on all of our models for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Reliability is everything in horse transport... have you ever driven passed a broken down horsebox on the side of the road? Not only do Trevelyan offer you a 24 hour roadside relay service (inclusive of the quoted price) but let's be honest, prevention is much better than cure...that's why our vehicles are serviced and maintained on a continual basis to ensure you never have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road.